Wycherley International School - Annual Inter House Swimming Meet 2015

Swimming has become a popular Sports Activity since the 19th Century. Wycherley too has tried to imbibe its students into Swimming as a Sport in order to give them a rounded background. For the past 30 years, we’ve had our Swimming Meets at the Royal College Swimming Pool and this year too it was held at the same venue on 13th February 2015.

After the hoisting of the National Flag, School Flag and House Flags, the opening ceremony continued with 7 Swimmers in the 7 lanes swimming across the length of the pool, bearing miniature School Flags on diving boards and handing them over to the Principal Mr. Jayasinghe. This was followed by 4 Swimmers one from each house Apollo, Athena, Pegasus and Triton – carrying their respective House Flags, swimming across to hand them over to the Principal. It was welcomed by the spectators with loud applause from all four corners of the pool. A Keen competition was witnessed among the competitors of the Houses – Apollo, Athena, Pegasus and Triton, in an atmosphere of friendship towards all. Events were grouped into ages for Breast Stroke, Back Stroke, Butterfly Stroke and a Medley of events. Even the little ones of Grade 1 and 2 had events to encourage them into this sport.

The Mariam Iqbal Memorial Challenge Trophy was carried away by ATHENA HOUSE, reminding us of poignant moments in Mariam’s life at Wycherley.

Age Group Name House
Under 10 Boys Ahamed Mubeen
Minuka Hennadige
Under 10 Girls Hawwa Hawra Hassan Triton
Under 12 Boys Danushkaar Balamurali Athena
Under 12 Girls Minma Hennadige Triton
Under 14 Boys Thameem Mohamed Ali
Garuka Colombage
Under 14 Girls Amaani Mohamed Ali Athena
Under 16 Boys Sulaiman Umar Farook Apollo
Under 16 Girls Eemaan Reza Rafiq
Umandi Wickramaratne
Open Boys Tariq Haniff Pegasus
Open Girls Shimanthi Gunawardena
Alefiya Mohamed Ali