The Annual Graduation and Prize Day of Wycherley International School was held in the Main Hall of the BMICH on Thursday 25th June 2015. It is the main “Celebrity” event of the school, bringing the curtain down on the Academic Year 2014/2015. Hisham Sideek the Head Prefect, in welcoming everybody said that the period of time they’ve spent at Wycherley has sped so fast, that it is heart-rending to see that their school life now is at an end. He nevertheless reiterated that wherever they may be spread out in the globe, their hearts will always be with Wycherley, for they owe a debt of gratitude to the school that has nurtured and built their lives up.

The Graduating class was given food for thought from the Chief Guest DR. ANVER JAMEEL, an illustrious past pupil of the school. He is now an eminent Neuro Surgeon based in the U.S.A. and was proud to be with Wycherley on this very special occasion - the 30th Anniversary Year of the school. Dr. Anver Jameel exhorted the Graduating Class saying, “You’ve been given a solid foundation on which to pursue and build your future life and careers. Take every opportunity you face or create an opportunity where none exists. Even if things seem a bit daunting, have that confidence of the tradition you come from”. He continued to say, “Always take one step at a time ......... prepare well and plan ahead. Do your absolute best in even the smallest thing and be patient and disciplined. Always have a little voice of caution in your head. Your competition is Global. Yet, if you are well prepared, organized, disciplined and persistent, you will no doubt find success”. He congratulated the Prize Winners while encouraging those who did not, to do better next time.

The Principal - Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe, who has spent all 30 years at Wycherley apart from his long stint in the field of educational expertise, brought out many words of wisdom and thought - provoking messages to the audience in his Annual Report. Speaking on the Chief Guest, Dr. Anver Jameel, he said, “Anver, we are truly proud today to have you as our Chief Guest and we hold you up as a role model for our students today, specially as one who reached the top without facing the effects of today’s technological revolution. Technology has its plus side increased by leaps and bounds, but is also doing untold damage to our growing children.” He appealed to the Parents to monitor their children’s use of Technology and have strict rules about Mobile Phones, texting, Internet and Social Media use. He said, “Human interaction should be involved in a child’s thinking process. Think about this before you permit your children to use these apps.”

His words of wisdom to the Graduating Class was, “Now has come the time for you to prepare to meet new challenges of the future. Remember that you are moving from a sheltered life to face a varied and competitive World. Your future is like a lump of wet clay. You can fashion this lump of clay into a beautiful shape which when hardened and calcined, forms a part of your past. Look forward to the future. Work hard and be disciplined in your thoughts and actions, to mould a beautiful future which would be admired by others.

Mr. Jayasinghe then elaborated on the progress of the school. “At the May/June 2014 Cambridge O’Level Examination, we had 100% success in Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Biology, Business Studies, Computing, Economics, English Language, English Literature, Geography, Accounts, Sinhala, Tamil, Chemistry and Physics. Even more notable is 100% A & B Grades in Computer Studies, Geography, Sinhala, Tamil and English Literature, 86% in Chemistry, 84% in Mathematics, 83% in Biology and 82% in Business Studies. At the Cambridge A ‘Level Examination of 2014, we had 100% success in all 11 subjects and over 80% A & B Grade passes in Business Studies, Physics and Computing, 70% in Accounting, 69% in Chemistry and over 50% in Economics, further Mathematics and Sociology. We are proud that we had 75 A* Grades with over 90% marks per subject. The Cambridge Secondary 1 Check Point Examination for Grade 8 students was excellent in all three subjects, namely viz English, Mathematics and Science. The Primary Check Point Examination had excellent results in Mathematics and Science.

Mr. Jayasinghe said that he was indeed delighted to have the Chairman of Wycherley Dr. W.C.J. Alwis and Dr. Purnajeewa Karunanayake, Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director of Wycherley, at this milestone event. Dr. Alwis in his address said “It was wonderful to have an illustrious son of the school as the Chief Guest. With the great speed of globalization, Wycherley students are doing their Alma Mater proud in positions of recognition not only in Sri Lanka but also across the globe”. He also spelt out the vision that the Management of ANC has for improvements to be heralded in soon by way of infrastructure and facilities to give the students better value.

Mr. Jayasinghe had a special word of appreciation for the members of the Staff who have worked diligently - as always - to ensure the success of the school. He was indeed proud to say that there are over 20 members of Staff with more than 20 years of service to the School along with a large proportion who have completed 10 years of service at Wycherley.

The Prize Giving always follows the Graduation Ceremony for students from Grade 3 to 12. This is a high profile event with over 200 prizes carried away by the students. The students of the Junior School from Grade 3 – 8 have Prizes for the main subjects - namely English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science while the High School children have Prizes for all their individual subjects.

The Special Award for the best result at the Cambridge Primary Check Point Examination for Grade 5 went to Ashwetha Rajanikanth and Shalini Udawatte for the best result in the Secondary 1 Check Point Examination for Grade 8. The Gold Medal for the best Cambridge O’Level result 2014 was carried away by Vikaash Thiruchelvam, while the “Shamil Jinasena Gold Medal” for the best Cambridge A’Level result 2014 was awarded to Taalib Haniff. There were special awards for Art, Oratory, Singing. General Knowledge and Open Essay. The Overall Challenge Shield donated by Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe for the best performing house in Academic and Sports Activities was taken by Athena House for the Academic Year 2014/2015. Long service awards for the completion of 20 years’ service to the school were presented to Mrs. Isaivani Suriyakumar of the Academic Staff and Mr. Nassar Jamaldeen of the Supporting Staff. The vote of thanks was delivered by the Head Prefect Madara Iddamalgoda.

The Graduation and Prize Day is so special in the lives of the students at Wycherley, that each year it takes them on a trip down memory lane. The friends they make at Wycherley lasts a whole life through. As they move out of the school, they still will believe that they must “Rise to the honour of Wycherleyto the Blue and the Grey in full harmony” ................ To the Prize Winners, it’s a happy day but to the others, as Dr. Anver Jameel put it, “Just keep labouring on a little bit more to be a winner next time”.