29 june 2017


The Annual Graduation & Prize Day of Wycherley International School was held on 29th June 2017 at the BMICH. It is one of the most celebrated and prestigious events in the Academic Calendar of the School. The Chief Guest at this event was Dr. Devinda Arangalla, a past student and Head Prefect of the School.

The Head Prefect – Minoru Jayakody, in his welcome address said that despite the joy of welcoming everybody, the graduating class was sad to note that this was the final event for them in school uniform. He wished everybody a very memorable and enjoyable evening ahead.

The Chief Guest Dr. Devinda Arangalla, made a special trip from Sydney to answer the call of his Alma Mater. Having spent his School days at Wycherley, from Grade 3 right up to the completion of his A/Levels, he said that Wycherley was his “Home away from Home”. He told the gathering “Education is not all about text books and examinations. It is about training to be productive and caring members of Society. Keep your minds open so that you never lose your passion and stimulation”. To the graduating class his advice was, “Treat University not as a vocational end but as a chance to grow yourself mentally and intellectually. Let the world judge you by what you give back to Society”.

The Chairman of Wycherley Dr. W.C.J. Alwis reiterated that inviting a past student as Chief Guest to this memorable day was of great value to the Students in the School. He said that he was proud of the progress that Wycherley was making. This Graduation & Prize Day was also an important milestone for the Principal Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe who celebrated his Silver Jubilee as Principal of the School by presenting his 25th Principal’s Report. A memento was presented to him by the Chairman Dr. W.C.J. Alwis and Dr. Purnajeeva Karunanayake CEO/Executive Director of Wycherley, on behalf of the Management and the School.

Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe, an ardent educationist and a renowned past pupil of Richmond College Galle, with over five decades of teaching experience, had many gems of thought to impart to all present and very importantly to the students and the Graduating Class. Addressing the graduating class, he told them, “You are expected to use your education to make the world a better place with your knowledge. Look forward to the future, work hard and be disciplined in your thoughts and actions, to mould a path that would be admired by others”.

Moving into the Academic progress of the school for the past 32 years, he said that we focus a great deal on Academic success, so that our students emerge disciplined and cultured and are able to face the world as worthy citizens. He also said that we continue to produce excellent results and make our presence felt in the field of education – with backing from the No.1 University in UK – The Cambridge University.

At the Cambridge O/Level Examination 2016, Wycherley had 100% passes in Additional Mathematics, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computing, English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Sinhala and Tamil. We had 100% A & B Grade passes in Sinhala, 93% in Computing and Chemistry, over 80% in Biology, Physics, Business Studies and Accounting and over 70% A & B Grades in Mathematics, Economics and English Literature. At the A/Level Examination in 2016, Wycherley had 100% passes in all subjects other than Biology, which had 92% passes. We had 100% A & B Grades in Computing and 50% A & B passes in Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics and Sociology. Ovini Weerasinghe with 7 A* Grades had the best O/Level results, while Shevon Mendis and Abishak Fernando with 4 A* grades had the best A/Level results in 2016. At the Grade 8 Checkpoint Examination 2017, Dunura Vithanage emerged the top student with an average of 88.33%.

Mr. Jayasinghe thanked the Board of Management of ANC Education for all their help and guidance in the conduct of the day to day activities of the school. He also had a word of appreciation for all members of the staff – Academic and Non Academic – who have worked hard to make his task easier.

The Prize Giving which followed the Graduation Ceremony saw over 200 prizes being carried away by the students. The students of Grade 3 – 8 had prizes for English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Computer Studies while the students of Grades 9 – 12 had prizes for all their subjects. There were Special Awards for the best Cambridge O/Level and A/Level results of 2016. Ovini Weerasinghe was a Gold Medalist for the Best Cambridge O/Level Results while the Shamil Jinasena Memorial Gold Medal for the best A/Level Results 2016 was awarded to Shevon Mendis and Abishak Fernando. The Overall Challenge Shield for Academic and Non Academic Performance was carried away by Pegasus House. There were Special Awards for Art, Oratory, Singing, General Knowledge and English Open Essay. Mr. A.R.M. Faizeen of the Academic Staff and Mr. M. Faleel of the Supporting Staff received Long Service Awards for 20 years of dedicated service to the School.

In proposing the vote of thanks Tariq Haniff took a trip down memory lane on their journey at Wycherley from the Elementary Section right up to the Senior School. His memories were so vivid and nostalgic when with emotion he said that the Graduating Class of 2017 will always hold Wycherley close to their hearts, wherever they may be.

To bring the curtain down on a wonderful evening, there was a Variety Entertainment Programme showcasing the multi talents of the students. There were traditional dances from each section, items by the choirs blending their voices in perfect harmony and a solo item was performed by Nethmi Vithanage of the Graduating Class who was also the winner of the Senior Girls Singing Competition.

This special day holds many things that the children will remember. Friendships made at Wycherley have stood the test of time. As they move into the world in different directions, they will still bond themselves together. To the Prize Winners, it is a day that puts a feather in their caps while the others can get motivated to strive harder to be winners. Judging by all this, it can be quite confidently stated that Wycherley will rise to greater heights in the coming years.