The first day of School for the third Semester which commenced on 20th April 2015 was an eventful one as the Elementary Section of the School was celebrating Avurudhu. The whole area of the School was a hive of activity from early morning and the event commenced at 9am.

With the arrival of the Principal Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe, the traditional boiling of milk took place in a clay pot, so that all the children could view it. The "raban" beats to accompany this, was done by the children themselves. The overflowing pot of milk symbolized a plentiful year ahead for the School. There was a dance item by the students which gave it the traditional effect of an opening ceremony.

The children had a fun filled morning, where they participated in activities that were typical Avurudhu Games. They had "Kiri Ithiraeva Nava Vasaray", "Balancing an Egg", "Ball in the Basket", "Pinning the Eye on the Elephant", "Collecting Flowers" and "Lime and Spoon" to name just a few. Every single game was enjoyed to the hilt by the kids. Not to be outdone, the Teachers too had an event which had the ingenuity of getting a hoop passed from the head to get it out from their feet, and pass it on to the next person in the group. The children were clapping and cheering the teachers, watching the exhibition of their talent.

The morning came to a close with a sumptuous breakfast of all traditional goodies for all the children in the Elementary Section. These were held in their classrooms. It was wonderful to watch the children sitting together to enjoy a meal and sure enough was a day to remember hereafter.