The Inter School Spelling Bee for Primary Schools took flight on June 12th and 13th, 2015. Organized and hosted by Wycherley International School, this competition is unique, in that it encourages young children of primary grades, to maintain good spelling. This is especially important in a world of alternative spelling.

Another unique feature that is especial about this competition is that it is primarily run, by the prefects of Wycherley. This year, under the head prefects Madhara Iddamalgoda and Hisham Sideek, the prefects organized and ran the entire event. It was encouraging to see students at the end of their school careers, spending time encouraging young students on the brink of Junior school to participate and give of their best. Perhaps such encouragement nurtures the healthy relationship that was so evident amongst the younger generation that evening, in fact the only adult contribution evident was the reading of the words, by Ms. Menik Fernando (ATCL, London).

The competition held at the BMICH, showed young contestants supported by their teachers and parents, not to mention a few grandparents and other friends, take their places and spell words from Aardvark to Zucchini.

The Winner Ashwetha Rajanikanth, herself from Wycherley did her school proud as she walked away with the Winners trophy, while Gabriel Herman Augustine of Belvoir College International and Nuthara Karunarathne of Lyceum International School, Panadura tied for the Runner Up position.

While 38 schools competed this year, the six finalists were from Belvoir College International, Horizon College International, Lyceum International School – Panadura, Lyceum International School – Wattala, Northwood College and Wycherley International School, reflecting the diversity of schools and regions that participated in a healthy and friendly atmosphere. This conducive and supportive environment was further evident at the final round and closing ceremony where Mr. Jayasinghe the Principal, Mrs. T. Tillekeratne the vice principal, the heads of the Junior, Primary and Elementary sections, were all present to encourage and support the contestants.

Mr. Jayasinghe, the Principal reminded the audience in his speech of the history behind the word BEE and how it denotes a gathering of friends. This camaraderie was clearly evident throughout the competition.