Wycherley Conducts Bakthi Gee Programme 2016

Wycherley International School is steeped in Cultures and Traditions, connected with all four religions that are followed by the people of the island. This year’s programme of ‘Bakthi Gee’ was held at the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress Hall, Colombo 7 on 16th June 2016.

The entire ambience was created into one that depicted the traditional décor of Buddhist Culture. The whole place was aglow with a myriad of illuminations and white lanterns. The entire Junior School participated in this event of with Music, Song and Dance. The Students were also costumed to perfection – to synchronize with their respective events.

It was a well attended Bakthi Gee programme delivered to a packed audience. The end of the event was with a fitting ‘dansala’ in traditional style, where everyone was served with “Sago Kanda.” The ‘Bakthi Gee’ programme was the Curtain call to events that close the activities of the Academic Year 2015/2016.

Poson is a pious feature which emphasizes the virtue of compassion to all living beings. Wycherley annually tries to inculcate religious and cultural values into the hearts and minds of the little ones and hope that it remains with them.