Wycherley Independence Day Celebrations 2016

Wycherley International School conducted its Annual “Kiddies Activity Day” for the children from Play Group to Grade 2 on 31st May 2016. It was a tailor made event for them, worked out to clockwork precision. The Chief Guest at this occasion was Mrs. Ferial Ashrof – a past Parent of the School, many years ago.

The theme for the Activity Day was “Balloons” and the entire ground was a riot of colour with many hued Canopies and colourful Bunches of Balloons. All the events had very captivating captions like “Teletubbies Say Ei Ho”, “Care Bear Countdown”, “Hot Air Balloon Race”, “One in a Minion”, “Party Rockers”, “Zigi Zigi Zumba” and so on. All the children were clad in appropriate colourful costumes to suit their event, while even the music for each event was made to match.

The “Kids Band” whose members were the Grade 1 Students was “Musically Yours” with toe tapping melodies. The Drill Display by the kids of Grade 2 was equally colourful in blue and white. As the event came to a finish, the Grade 2 children let go their helium filed balloons and up the balloons went, giving a resplendent view. The teachers too were part of the game with a Staff Race at Bursting Balloons. The weather had cleared giving time and space for the event. The “Kiddies Activity Day” is an enjoyable activity for both young and old, before the curtain comes down on the Academic Year 2015-2016.