“THE FINAL AIM OF EDUCATION IS TO MAKE A MAN A CITIZEN OF THE WORLD” says Principal of Wycherley International School at their Graduation and Prize Giving 2016

The Annual Graduation Ceremony and the Prize Giving of Wycherley International School was held on 27th June 2016 at the BMICH. It is the most prestigious event in the Academic Calendar of the School. The welcome address was delivered by the Head Prefect Abishak Fernando.

The Graduating Class had many words of wisdom given to them by the Principal Mr Kingsley Jayasinghe. He told them that the home and the School play a pivotal role in moulding the life of any child. “Education is more than book reading. Today, although an Academic Education is necessary as a foundation, business leaders look for real – life experiences, people skills and a part-time employment record. The problem today is that young people though academically qualified, are unprepared for a world of work,” he said.

He continued to tell the graduating class that they have a huge role to play as educated members of society. It is only then that people can live in peace, harmony and dignity with the Wycherley Students as the educated strata of society leading the way. He continued saying “you are the future leaders of our country. Sri Lanka is often referred to as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, whilst some refer to it as the “tear drop of India”. The latter, we experienced for 30 years of conflict. It is now in your hands in the future to make Sri Lanka truly the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” or a “tear drop of India”. The final aim of education is to make man a citizen of the world, which is the only medicine available to eradicate the ethnic strike that plagues the world today.”

The Chief Guest at the Graduation Ceremony and Prize Day was an illustrious Past Pupil – DR. ARUN ARIYARATHENAM – qualified at the Cambridge University and in a career of Oesophago-Gastro Surgery, apart from being a Supervisor in Clinical Pathology to Magdalene College, Cambridge for students sitting the final MB Pathology exams. He intends to become a consultant in a high volume tertiary center. Mr Jayasinghe turning to the graduating class said, “here is a man for you to emulate proudly as a product of Wycherley International School.”

Dr. Arun exhorted the graduating class that at no point of time should they be complacent, for when complacency sets in, they lose their trend and lay themselves behind in the world. He also told them, “have your own ideas and values, but always bear in mind to give the other person a chance to express his views – for which you need to build on your listening skills too.” He told them that they need to strike a balance between friendships and professionalism. Going down memory lane, he had many instances to quote and enlighten the audience on his 13 year spell at Wycherley. He was indeed proud to have been given the honour to be at this event.

The Chairman of Wycherley - Dr. W.C.J.Alwis, said that he was very proud to have an alumni of the school as Chief Guest on this occasion. This is helpful to mould the young generation who are at this event.

In the Principal’s report, Mr. Jayasinghe elaborated on the progress of the school. In the past 31 years of its existence, the school has produced Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Businessmen and many other professionals who stud the globe today.

He continued saying that we follow the Cambridge Curriculum from UKG (Year 1) right up to Grade 12 (Year 13) and we are backed by the No. 1 University of UK – Cambridge. At the Cambridge O/Level examinations 2015, we had 100% success in all the 16 subjects the students offered, while English Language had 98%, Accounting 93% and French 25%. There were 100% A & B Grade passes in Biology, Sinhala and Tamil, 96% A & B Grades in Chemistry and Computing, 91% in Physics and 90% A & B Grade passes in Mathematics.

At the May/June 2015 A/Level examinations, Wycherley had 100% success in all 10 A/Level subjects offered by the students. We had 100% A & B Grade passes in Maths and English Literature, and 81% A & B Grade passes in Chemistry. Altogether, we had 85 A* with over 90% marks per subject. Minoru Dhananjaya Jayakody had 9A Grade passes with 6A* which gave him the Best O/Level results 2015. At the A/Level 2015, Madhara Iddamalgoda and Charana Nandasena had 4 A Grades with 3A* each, producing the best A/Level results.

Mr Jayasinghe was very proud of the teachers who play an important role in the progress of the children. Many of them have been with the school for over a period of 20 years. As devoted teachers, there is no greater joy for them than to see their students get good grades at an examination.

The Prize Giving which is the accompanying event of the Graduation day, saw students from Grade 3 – 12 carry away over 250 prizes. From Grades 3-8, there were prizes for the main subjects viz English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The students of Grade 9-12 had prizes for individual subjects apart from the Special Awards for the Cambridge Check point Examinations of Grade 5 and 8 2016 and Cambridge O/Level and A/Level exams 2015. The Gold medalist with the Best Cambridge O/Level result 2015 was Minoru Dhananjaya Jayakody. The Gold medallists at the A/Level 2015 examination were Madhara Iddamalgoda and Charana Nandasena. The Overall Challenge Shield for the Best Performing House in Academic and Sports activities was awarded to Athena House. There were also an array of Special Awards for Art, Singing, Oratory, Open Essay and General Knowledge. A special long service award for 20 years of dedicated service to the school was handed over by Mr Jayasinghe to Ms. Sunimalee Fonseka. The vote of thanks at the closing of the event was delivered by the Head Prefect Keshawa Gunarathne.