With the evolving of Civilization, Cultures and their values have grown for centuries, getting stamped into the fabric of Society. Today, the World is steeped in a myriad of cultures, giving a colourful presence to the Universe that has diverse traditions. Despite their diversity, cultures blend beautifully, one into the other and this mix is what Wycherley was determined to expose to the Audience when they presented a trip titled “Around the World in 80 minutes” on 3rd March 2015.

Wycherley has a huge mix of multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural students who simply merge into the traditions of each other, while respecting the specialty of each culture. The little ones of the Elementary Section presented to perfection “Sewula Vannama”, “Sounds of Victory” and “Somewhere in Africa”, costumed to suit each item which were all well choreographed.

The Students of the Primary Section enacted “Lee Keli Dance”, “Aloha Hawaii” and “Rajastan Dancers” where much time and trouble had gone into the selection of costumes and the training of a large number of Students. “Arabian Nights”, “Pathuru Dance”, “East Meets West”, “ABCD……” and “Flamenco Dancers”, were performed by the Students of Grade 6 – 8, while the Senior School participated in “Dhivehi Dance” and “Viva La Latino”.

All these went in to show that Wycherley believes in a fusion of Cultures both Oriental and Occidental. This colourful production of a cultural admixture took the audience on a spell bound journey “Around The World In 80 Minutes”, from Sri Lanka to India, the Maldives, Arabia, Europe, Africa, Spain, Italy, Hawaii and a whole spectrum of countries in “Music makes the World go Around” presented by the Primary and the Junior Sections of the School.

Every minute detail had been looked into from sounds to lighting, costumes and photography. Every single item was choreographed by the teachers of each Section and the entire programme was choreographed and presented by Visha De Silva, a veteran at this game. When the curtain call was being activated, the Audience just wished that it had gone on for a few more minutes – but in this jet age, journeys are quick and so was the musical journey that began in our resplendent island.